Categorize products through smart generation of collections. Enhance your collections with AI.

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Collections Categories MAi

Collections Categories MAi

This app is for you if you have lots of products, as it analyzes your product titles, descriptions, variant titles and tags, pulls out common keywords, and presents suggestions of collections to make (with the data already inputted for you). This new collection can then be imported into your Shopify store, with all the products automatically added within it, in order to quickly organize your store. You can then enhance your collection with AI generated descriptions and collection images.


Easily create collections based on common keywords found in your products


We automatically make & sort your products into the collection based on keywords


Use Artificial Intelligence to generate a SEO optimized collection description


Automatically add missing collection images which help with SEO

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Showing the create a collection form based on smart collections
We recommend smart collections to you based on common keywords
Collections Categories MAi

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